Bundle Deal 4: Care for your Washing Machine and Dryer @ 800 THB

Washing Machine Cleaner

  • Prevents unpleasant odours from developing and ensures a clean interior of the washing machine
  • Used with a 90ºC or 95ºC maintenance wash to provide safe, effective cleaning
  • For use every 3 months (one box = one dose)
Washing Machine Descaler

  • Protects the appliance in hard water areas by removing harmful limescale from key components
  • For use every 3 months (one box = one dose)
Care Product for Heat Pump Dryer

  • Elimiates odours and maintains the performance of the appliance if it has not been used for a long period
  • Helps to remove residues and lint from the appliance and the condensate container
  • For all heat pump dryers with integrated care program (WT7…; WT.7…; WTXH7…; WTU8…)
  • Consult customer service before first application

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