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Amazing 6 bundle deals at 800 THB each.

Promotion till 31st December 2019.

Bundle Deal 1

Irresstible bundle deal with our surface cleaners. Savings of 30%.

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Bundle Deal 2

Have a cleaner and hygienic wash with special care for your washing machine. Get our 2 essential products now with savings of 30%.

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Bundle Deal 3

Enjoy quality cups of coffee everytime with regular cleaning. Our cleaner and descaler going at over 30% off.

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Bundle Deal 4

Do you own both a washing machine and dryer? Take this chance to get a thorough clean with our 3 specially focmulated care products. Enjoy over 25% off now.

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Bundle Deal 5

Your oven and fridge need the utmost care when it comes to cleaning. Try out our oven spray and fridge cleaner that do wonders to your cleaning tasks. Enjoy 20% off now.

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Bundle Deal 6

Experience a cleaner dishwasher with an intensive clean every wash each time. Enjoy over 20% off now.

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