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Savour the healthy lifestyle.

Fruits and vegetables offer a great deal of health benefits, particularly when consumed raw – for example, in the form of juices or smoothies. The VitaExtract Slow Juicer and our blenders allow you make delicious juices (with or without pulp) and tasty smoothies easily and in no time at all. The exclusive VitaBar app provides you with tasty and healthy recipes for juices, smoothies and more, turning your device into your own personal health coach. This allows you to very easily incorporate healthy portions of fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.

Savour the healthy lifestyle.

The right solution for everyone. Juicer or mixer. Therein lies the difference.

Extracting the gifts of nature. The Slow Juicer.

Slow juicers make cold-pressed juice. Cold-pressing is a gentle way of extracting juice that also preserves the valuable nutrients and vitamins in fruits, vegetables and herbs. The special benefits of using a slow juicer include the fact that they operate with virtually no noise and preserve an enormous amount of the nutrients in the ingredients.


Using the blender to create nutritious, creamy smoothies.

A blender turns fruits and vegetables into a smoothie or tasty soup, depending on the consistency you want. It creates a viscous drink that contains all elements of the fruit, such as the skin, pulp and seeds – that is, all of the fibre. This is particularly filling and nutritious. And when you use a blender from Bosch, the smoothie is also exceptionally creamy.

Our device is perfect for juices.

VitaExtract Juicer

The VitaExtract Slow Juicer.

Gentle juice extraction, perfect preservation of nutrients, and quiet operation.
This is what the Bosch VitaExtract offers.
For delicious and healthy juices, sorbets and more.

Enjoy the benefits of the VitaExtract while you're at work.

The VitaExtract Slow Juicer features the unique Gentle Squeezing technology that enables you to extract juice in a particularly gentle manner. It has three different filters with various hole sizes and allows you to set your own custom consistency settings, thanks to the MixControl function. See for yourself.

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Our device for perfect smoothies.

SilentMixx Pro Blender

The SilentMixx Pro Blender.

Give yourself a healthy diet without making any noise.
The device now features the HighSpeed program.
For extra creamy, exceptionally soft smoothies.

Experience the most silent power mixer from Bosch – now featuring the HighSpeed program.

The SilentMixx Pro Blender features three automatic programs. This means you always get the function you want at the touch of a button, whether you want smoothies, crushed ice or chopped ingredients of any kind. See for yourself.

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VitaStyle Blender

The VitaStyle Mixx2Go Blender.

Enjoy smoothies, juices, shakes and much more, wherever you are at any time.
The 2Go bottle is made of Tritan – a durable plastic – and can hold a volume of 500 ml,
making it particularly easy for you to enjoy your drink on the move.

Experience the perfect balance between design and function.

The elegant design of the VitaStyle Mixx2Go blender adds that special something to all kitchens. The materials used for this elegant stirring machine are just as precious. The housing is made of brushed stainless steel, and the ThermoSafe glass and accessories are made of Tritan, a durable plastic.

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Our smart Vita Bar App.

VitaBar app

The Vita Bar App! The perfect companion for your healthy lifestyle!

Slow juicers and blenders from Bosch always come with a smart and constantly up-to-date companion. The app offers recipes for juices, smoothies, soups, sorbets and much more, which are both healthy and very tasty. The app is intuitive to use and allows you to prepare your drinks very easily in a way that is most suited to your particular device. Furthermore, new recipes and functions are continuously added to the app, which also offers a large number of customisation options as well as tips and tricks regarding your device.

Use the app right away.

You can easily download the app here free of charge and use it with all devices.

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