Vario Style fridge freezers

Designed to be redesigned.

Finally a fridge that you can easily restyle anytime. The Vario Style coloured fridge freezer with VitaFresh is the world’s first fridge with an exchangeable colour front. Now you can easily restyle your kitchen how you want and when you want.

Because the kitchen is more than just a place to eat. It’s where parties or a cozy dinner with the family takes place. And the central hub, whether it’s about food or drinks, is the fridge. It’s a highlight in any kitchen, especially when it’s freestanding.

By combining style, superior quality and simplicity our Vario Style coloured fridge freezer allows you to truly make your kitchen an expression of yourself with an outstanding, unique character. No matter, if you’re in the mood for a bold, vibrant and seasonable colour or looking for a subtle colourful accent.

A fridge, that shows its true colours – your favourite ones.

No matter, if your actual favourite colour is a vibrant cherry red, a bold espresso brown or a pure nature colour such as aqua. With the new Bosch Vario Style bottom freezer with exchangeable colour fronts you can now simply refresh the colour of your fridge anytime thanks to the large variety of colour fronts. These colour fronts are made in Germany using only high-quality materials.

Surprisingly simple. 3, 2, 1, done!

With the Bosch Vario Style bottom freezer you can easily change the colour of your fridge door anytime you want. The innovative Vario Style system is equipped with a clever combination of invisible hooks and magnets so you can easily change the colour of your fridge door. You don’t even need any specific tools or technical knowledge at all. Just lift up the colour bottom end front, pull up the front until unclip from the top and clip on the new colour front of your choice. Within just 3 steps, your new kitchen style is already done!

Bosch Vario Style: Always fresh. Always in season.

We at Bosch believe, that a good meal should also be a feast for your eyes. That’s why in our new Vario Style bottom freezers with VitaFresh cooling system not only your food will stay fresher for longer, but your fridge will also look fresh anytime.

The Bosch VitaFresh compartments always maintain the right storage conditions, thanks to two different climate zones: the dry zone is ideal for fish and meat, and it can be hygienically stored in two separate drawers at low temperature setting about 0° C. On the big bottom drawer, humidity can be controlled with the slider, to keep fruit and vegetables, fresh for longer.

2 steps to find the fridge that fits your style.

We don't know what you'd like to store, or what your favourite colours are, but with our innovative Vario Style bottom freezers with VitaFresh system you will always find a fridge that suits your home’s needs. Whether you have a one-person household or a large family – we offer the right size for everyone in a huge variety of colours. You just have to choose your favourite colours and you can restyle your fridge easily anytime you want.

Step 1: Choose your favourite colour.

You can give your kitchen a look just as fresh as your food: Simply choose a high quality colour door front in your favourite colour – from vibrant cherry red to bold colours, like espresso brown or black matt, passing through seasonal nature colours such as aqua.

Find your combination of your individual Vario Style fridge.

Height: 1.86m
Sunflower KVN36IF3A KVN39IF3A
Orange KVN36IO3A KVN39IO3A
Raspberry KVN36IE3A KVN39IE3A
Cherry Red KVN36IR3A KVN39IR3A
Champagne KVN36IK3A KVN39IK3A
Coffee Brown KVN36IC3A KVN39IC3A
Espresso Brown KVN36ID3A KVN39ID3A
Black Matt KVN36IZ3A KVN39IZ3A
Petrol KVN36IU3A KVN39IU3A
Light Blue KVN36IT3A KVN39IT3A
Mint Green KVN36IJ3A KVN39IJ3A
Lime Green KVN36IH3A KVN39IH3A
Stone Grey KVN36IG3A KVN39IG3A
Light Rose KVN36IP3A KVN39IP3A
Pearl White KVN36IV3A KVN39IV3A
Pearl Gold KVN36IX3A KVN39IX3A
Pearl Bronze KVN36ID3C KVN39ID3C
Pearl Grey KVN36IG3D KVN39IG3D
Pearl Anthrazite KVN36IG3C KVN39IG3C
Pearl Aubergine KVN36IL3C KVN39IL3C
Pearl Green KVN36IH3C KVN39IH3C
Pearl Night Blue KVN36IN3A KVN39IN3A

Step 2: Restyle your fridge anytime.

To match your fridge to your very own individual style, you now just simply have to change the colour door fronts of your choice. Thanks to the clever combination of invisible hooks and magnets, it is surprisingly simple to change the colour of your fridge anytime – you don’t even need any specific tools at all.

Awarded as best design & product innovation.

Bosch home appliances set worldwide standards with pioneering innovations. The design of our Bosch Vario Style fridge freezer with exchangeable door fronts focuses on offering a unique consumer experience with all the senses. Thanks to its high quality door fronts, consumers can easily restyle their fridges, how they want and whenever they want. This unique product has been awarded with multiple innovation and design awards, like the Top 10 innovation award, the iF Design Award 2018 and the Reddot Design Award 2018.

Whatever you’re in the mood for: Play it colourful.

You are restyling your kitchen? Whether you’re looking for a bold, vibrant colour or a subtle colourful accent – find the right one for you thanks to the huge variety of colours and restyle your fridge by yourself to enjoy a colourful kitchen.

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