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Maxx your healthy lifestyle.

Prepare tasty and bubble-free smoothies that stay fresh up to 2x longer# just at the touch of a button.

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Bosch VitaMaxx vacuum blender is the perfect kitchen appliance for a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy excellent smoothies with the natural taste at its best, up to 5x more vitamin C* and at least 2 x longer freshness#. Blending under vacuum conditions mean blending with minimised oxidation leading to a smooth texture with less bubbles, less layers and more natural colors compared to regular blending.

Minimize the oxygen. Maxximize the taste. Maxximize the freshness.

Excellent smoothies.

Refreshing taste with less bubbles, less layers and more natural colors.

Now you can create prefect smoothies with intensive taste. Vacuum blended smoothies have a very creamy, homogenous texture with less bubbles and less layers and a better appearance with more natural colors comparad to standard blending - thanks to vacuum blending with minimised oxygen.

Vitamin-friendly processing.

Up to 5 x more vitamin C after 24 hours.

A vacuum is created by a powerful 75kpa vacuum pump. Then the ingredients are blended with minimised oxidation. The result is longer preservation of vitamin C and other oxygen-sensitive vitamins. Vacuum blended smoothies keep up to 5 x more vitamin C after 24 hours* compared to regular blending without vacuuming.

Easiest way is to store your smoothies in the ToGo bottle. Prepare your smoothie in the evening and enjoy for breakfast!

Vacuum to-go and store.

Up to 2 x longer freshess.

Vacuum seal your drink in the to-go bottle and enjoy your smoothie later. In the vacuum storage boxes with date setting function you can vacuum seal and store any food such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Stored under vacuum in the fridge food stays fresh up to 2 x longer than without vacuum#.

VitaMaxx questions and answers.

How to use the vacuum blender?

Watch the video to find out how to use the VitaMaxx vacuum blender for perfect results.

How to vacuum in the on-to-go-bottle?

Learn how to vacuum seal your drink in the to-go bottle and enjoy your smoothie the next day.

How to vacuum in the storage boxes?

Find out how to use the storage boxes to enjoy your fresh food up to 2 x longer than without vacuum#.

Can I also prepare hard vegetables or drinks with crushed ice in the VitaMaxx vacuum blender?

VitaMaxx vacuum blender can also blend hard fruit and vegetables. You can also use it to make tasty drinks with a few ice cubes quickly and easily. There is a special programme for turning ice cubes into crushed ice.

What will I find in the VitaMaxx recipe book?

The VitaMaxx recipe book contains lots of inspiration for tasty smoothies and shakes.

Is there also an app for the VitaMaxx vacuum blender?

Our service doesn’t stop after you’ve purchased your VitaMaxx vacuum blender. Download the VitaBar app to your smartphone and live every day a little bit healthier: let us inspire you and accompany you on your path towards a fitter lifestyle, brimming with energy.

Is the VitaMaxx vacuum blender BPA-free?

Every component that comes into contact with food is BPA-free.

How long do the various programmes of the vacuum blender take?

Automatic programme for smoothies includes first vacuuming and then blending. The vacuuming takes 20-60 sec, depending on the ingredients and blending approx. 50 sec. Vacuum only function takes 20-60 sec depending on ingredients. Ice crush – programme takes approx.10 sec. Cleaning approx. 60 sec.

How easy is the cleaning process?

Very easy: the jar, the detachable blades and all the accessories are dishwasher safe. The main housing and the vacuum hose can be cleaned with a damp cloth. In addition, you can use the convenient cleaning programme. For this, just add 250ml of water and some drops of liquid soap to the jar and push the cleaning button.

Watch the video and learn how easy it is to clean the VitaMaxx vacuum blender.

*Compared to regular blending. Study made by an independent laboratory 08/2018.

# Compared to storage without vacuum. Study made by an independent laboratory 09/2018.


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